One arrested over city anti-tax protest using megaphone, poster as police issues terrorism alert


Ainebyona in the middle being arrested by un uniformed men. Photo Mukose Arnold Anthony

By Mukose Arnold Anthony
Police are investigating a group of people who on Monday morning dropped posters and speakers denouncing social media and mobile money tax in various points of Kampala city Centre.
Posters were dropped opposite bank of Uganda and around Mabirizi complex on Kampala road with a loud speaker.
Though the plain clothed police officers later came and took the items in addition to arresting and detaining of a one innocent Ainebyona at Kampala CPS.
The police mouth piece Emillian Kayima while addressing the media cautioned all Ugandans against participating in such kind of demonstrations citing that according to the intelligence information gathered, terrorists are planning to use the same speakers to terrorize the country.

Some of the posters and Megaphone dropped in different parts of kampala. Photo by Mukose Arnold Anthony

Kayima called upon all Ugandans to resist participating and putting speakers at their shops because they have learnt that many megaphones have been purchased disguising as tax de-campaigning gadgets but with a negative motive.

Later on the Kampala metropolitan commander Kafeero confirmed to having arrested Ainebyona adding that after investigations are done he could be charged with inciting the public.
This website has however learnt that the posters and megaphones might have been dropped by the notorious youth group activist of the THE ALTERNATIVE, this according to the posters which had their name with a cartoon of a man heavy burdened by taxes while crying in a campaigned dubbed ‘Tuganeko’, a Luganda word literally meaning Its high we resisted.
The megaphone had a male voice calling upon Ugandans to join the tax boycotting trail “Ugandans, its high time we resisted these social media and mobile money taxes because even other taxes we have been paying, havent benefited us” part of the male voice said

It should be noted that ever since the introduction of this tax on July 1st 2018 many Ugandans have come out to resist the 200UGX (two hundred shillings) as daily taxes for one to access social media and a 1% mobile transaction tax at all levels.


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