October 29, 2020
October 29, 2020

Opposition leaders unit in a non electoral coalition, adopt Defiance as a strategy to oust NRM govt


In a show of unity to take on Mr. Museveni, Kizza Besigye, the architect of Defiance in Uganda and President of People’s Government; Bobi Wine, leader of People Power and Erias Lukwago the leader of Truth & Justice agree to jointly work with leaders of organised opposition political parties and organisations aligned towards Defiance to oust Mr. Museveni and the NRM junta.
The Unity Platform of leaders in FDC, DP, UPC, JEEMA, CP, TJ, People’s Government and  People Power is not an ELECTORAL PLATFORM.
The platform is to advance Defiance as a means of struggle to remove Mr. Museveni from power and stop him from organising or being a candidate in future sham elections.
The Leadership of Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) was approached but opted to continue working towards strengthening the party since its in formation stages.
The Unity Platform is a crystallisation of months of subtle private engagements to get most opposition political actors to embrace Defiance as a legitimate method of struggle to weaken, disable and disrupt Museveni’s plans to extend his stay in power.
The leaders were emboldened to unite  to firmly and decisively respond to Mr. Museveni’s glaring  illegalities in the fight against Covid-19, where he declared a lockdown without emergency social welfare plans, exposing Ugandans to distress and hardship.
Aware of the many crises arising from the NRM junta’s inefficiences and mismanagement of state affairs, the leaders agree that it’s logical and necessary for people to rise up and put an end to the junta. 
They cite theft of COVID-19 funds, hunger and starvation, paralysis of education and health sectors, disruption of transport, high unemployment and loss of jobs,  business constraints and decline especially of SMEs, lack of capital to pay utility bills and rent as signs of incompetence.
The Unity Platform leaders now call citizens into ACTION NOW.
The Joint Communique of the United Forces of Change is read by JEEMA President Asuman Basalirwa and TJ Leader Erias Lukwago.
Copied from Ronald Muhinda
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