Opposition MPs, leaders, relatives to forcefully take Hon. Nambooze from Kiruddu hospital.


Nambooze's son breaks into tears on seeing her mother in painful condition

By Ronald Kabuye
Opposition Chief whip in parliament Hon Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda says that on Tuesday they will take bed ridden and incercellated Mukono municipality legislator Betty Nambooze from Mulago Kiruddu refferal hospital back to her home at 11am at all cost.
Addressing a news conference at the Forum for Democratic Change FDC party headquarters in najjankumbi Ssemujju said the decision was informed by the fact that Nambooze is not receiving any treatment but rather pain killers thus they find no reason to keep with the government pretense.
He asserts that the intention by police to keep Nambooze at Kiruddu hospital which can not handle her illness is to further stress her and have her die.
When asked whether they intend to fund raise for her to go to India where the spinal cord was operated from for review, Semujju said that will be thought of after attaining her rights which she doesn’t have now.
When asked whether they decision to take Nambooze back home was endorsed by the doctors, Semujju answered in negative because adding that the doctors are also in confusion since they do not what to do thus they find no reason to keep her in a hospital that recommended that she be flown abroad for treatment due to lack capacity to treat the same after the age limit debate security invasion of parliament and thumbing of anti age limit legislators.
Hon. Nambooze was arrested and detained at nagalama police station two weeks back on allegations of offensive communication and inciting violence in relation to slain Arua municipality legislator Hon Ibrahim Abiriga and his brother who also doubled as his body guard Saidi Bugu Kongo assassination on their way back home at kawanda Matugga wakiso district before she was rushed to Kiruddu hospital when her health detoiriated and apparently security organs are keeping a 24 hour surveillance on her.

In the same way Court last week allowed police to confiscate phones, tablets and computers belonging to the Mukono Municipality legislator.

Nambooze’s lawyers led by Erias Lukwago also petitioned the Uganda Human Rights Commission to order for her immediate release so she can fly for further medical review which they did but police is adamant to implement the order.

Meanwhile Semujju has predicted that the forth coming local Council and women Council elections might end in chaos if not bloodshed since there is a lot of flaws in them.
He said that elections are short of the constitutional and statutory parameters and guidelines.
The FDC party also registered their dismay over the current electoral commission  failure to do things in the right procedures.
However they add that despite all the flaws FDC will continue to participate in the elections at all levels.

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