Our work is to please soldiers not media – Gen Tumwine tells off journalists


By Ronald Kabuye
The minister for security Gen. Elly Tumwine made it very clear to the journalists that never at any one time will they work to please the media as opposed to the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces UPDF soldiers.
” By you telling us how to do our work and giving us deadline on when to act is a campaign which we shall not accept.
We are not doing our work to please media, actually we are doing our work to give more confidence to our soldiers. We know how we discipline our soldiers and we have been disciplining them for the past many years including executing some of them.” said Gen Tumwine.
The response came after our reporter requested that perpetrators of journalists rights violations be tried in an open court or tribunal but from the generals explanation it seems the request was turned down.
Gen Tumwine also said that in trying unprofessional officers there some steps taken which include setting up a board of inquiry and tribunal that tries the perpetrators after gathering the incriminating evidence to that effect.
He also asserted that some journalists are unpatriotic to the extent of some being bought off by the non government organisations and international agencies to portray Uganda in a bad way to the rest of the world.
The CDF Gen David Muhoozi appealed to journalists to organize themselves by having proper identification before questioning who the journalists are accountable to.
The president of Uganda journalists Association UJA Kagolo Robert an association that initiated the dialogue of journalists, Gen Tumwine and the chief of Defence Forces CDF Gen David Muhoozi with the aim of resolving the impulse between both parties after the army brutalized journalists during the free Bobi wine Protest and to forge ways forward of creating a cordial working environment, urged the security forces to act with restrain while handling journalists and to train both the journalists and foot soldiers about one another’s rights and how best to work together.


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