OVER 3000 lives threatened, families broken and Displaced in Mubende district


By Kabuye Ronald
OVER 3000 lives threatened, over 3000 families broken and Displaced. Over 3000 livelihoods jeopardised – the story of George – as told by Kiiza Eron on July 5th 2019.
Apart from the evictions, families have been broken, hearts broken and hopes of justice crushed by the MUBENDE trio of Joseph Murangira, Kaweesi George and DPC Martin.
The Gearge we are talking about today, however, is a humble victim. One of the more  than 3000 evictees from 5 Mubende villages.
One day, conceived the thought of resisting the imminent grabbing of his land by Kaweesi and co.
He decided to be part of the village efforts to moblise for a meeting to generate a response to the evictions threat.
He got a horn speaker locally termed a Mukalakasa and moved around the villages announcing the meeting.
That simple exercise of civic responsibility and mobilising the defence of his and community land, his exercise of freedom of expression attracted the Kaweesi mafia to him.
They locked him up. Last year. He remains in detention.
George the victim is an old man but his heart is shredded as his home is taken by the tormentors locking him up in Mubende prisons.
His wife and children are being looked after by his father in law.
His wife only afforded to visit him once. It was to blame him for causing them trouble.
“Do you see what you have done to us?” She asks him.
George the victim is now a humiliated pauper that’s even being blamed by his own family for the simple act of having told village mates: ” we have a meeting tomorrow to discuss the matters of Kaweesi.”
That’s what injustice and impunity do to victims. They turn them against each other.
The question is simple. Should we accept a Uganda in which a powerful person can move into 5 villages in our countryside and evict people and lock up their leaders and frame them with murder and baptize them  criminals?
Is owing land desired by a land grabber a crime? Is defending people and oneself from land grabbers like Mubende’s Kaweesi a crime?
The George story and life and livelihood is one of those at the heart of the human rights case and criminal framing Justice Joseph Murangira is mishandling in MUBENDE HIGH COURT.
And, according to the phone call I received yesterday, I am supposed to back off and stop exposing the Judge on Facebook and that our law firm will face severe consequences.
I get the message.  BUT we are talking about more 3000 lives, families and livelihoods.

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