By Kabuye Ronald

Over 400 Makerere university students who are missing on the graduation yet they are legible have threaten to stage a peaceful demonstration tomorrow in front of the makerere main building and at the same time seek for an injunction halting the graduation ceremony due on the 21st this month.

Addressing a press conference, the student’s guide prime minister Stanley Okecho said that the demonstration is intended to create pressure and agency for the academic registrar and the university council to include the affected students on the graduation list rather than referring them to wait for the next graduation.

Okecho and many other students, who were holding letters of appeal from the students with which attacked the examination results, threaten to also sue the university if it fails to include the students on the graduation list for breach of the contract with the students and suppress the right to education since this will deter many from pursuing masters degree due to lack of certificate of which they are entitled to.

He added that all their efforts to engaged the concerned university managers have been disregarded thus a resort to the demonstration to tomorrow Friday during the university council meeting and after if the said students are not added on the list and legal action to halt the university graduation ceremony

Some of the affected students were managed to speak to with grieve appealed to the university management and council to include them on the graduation list.

“Can you imagine the university registrar tells me that he doesn’t know how he skipped my name among the many from the school of statistics and planning and he is telling to wait for 2018 as if it’s my mistake” said Amanyike Ronald

“One wonders how one of the best universities in Africa is competent to this extent; we shall strike from Friday up to the graduation day because we are not here to waste time. They refer us to 2018 that the system down yet some us want to pursue a master’s degree and we can’t do that without a certificate which you acquire after graduation.” Said Nsereko Ronald from the college of agriculture and environmental studies

“ The vice chancellor and academic registrar keep telling us that graduation is just a ceremony, yes let us and our parents celebrate just the others the will graduate because we paid our tuition fee and pass all the exams why push us to 2018 we want certificates not pass slips” said Joan Kitimbo from college of humanities and social sciences

Most of the students also implicated the head of the results system Lucy Etawu in the office of the academic registrar for being less concerned and reluctant about student’s plight to the extent bragging, boasting and treating them miserably before telling them that their names will appear the coming year.

However most students blame the cause to the college registrars, principles and lecturers who failed to submit their results to the academic registrar in term

Most of the affected students are from the college of humanities and social science, school of statistics and planning, school of education and college of agriculture and environmental sciences


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