Palm Sunday: Bishop Kibuuka lashes at false prophets



By Ronald Kabuye
The Bishop for central and Eastern provinces of uganda in the Evangelical orthodoax Church Antioch Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka has lashed at false prophets who exploit the innocent and desperate people for their own selfish benefits to the extent of imparting evil spirits in them.
Bishop Kibuuka who is also the spiritual director of Mamre international prayer center namugongo Janda, said its high time the false prophets and false religious leaders choose between serving God or Satan as opposed to mixing the two  however he was very reluctant to name some of them.
The charismatic Bishop made remarks while celebrating palm Sunday which they celebrated during their monthly over night deliverance prayers on Sunday morning.
He said that palm Sunday and Easter season in general clearly shows people are not trustworthy since they change from time to time as it was the case with Jesus Christ thus praying for the congregation to over come the shame as it was the case with Jesus Christ.

“Our prayer is that God may destroy the house of shame and create the house of fame and eternal life as it was with Jesus Christ.
We pray for the blessings of favour, prosperity, promotion, authority, divine connections,  honor and respect upon you ” the momoth of congregation” said Bishop Kibuuka

He further wished all Ugandans a merry easter season.
Christians celebrate Palm Sunday as the beginning of the Holy week of lent period and as a day jews gave a hero welcome to Jesus Christ as He was entering Jerusalem from Mount Olive but later after few days turning against Him later on crucifying Him on the Calvary.

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