October 31, 2020
October 31, 2020

Palm Sunday teaches us to only trust God not people- Bishop Kibuuka


Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka and the mammoth of congregation shaking the palm leaves. Photo by Ronald Kabuye

By Ronald Kabuye
The public has been urged to desist from the habit of putting their trust in people since they are  Fiscal as opposed to God who never changes.
The call has been sounded by the Bishop for the Evangelical Orthodox Church EOC (eastern Catholic rite)  in Uganda Jacinto Kibuuka during the Mamre over night that ushered the mammoth of congregation into the palm Sunday at Mamre international prayer center Namugongo Janda.
Bishop kibuuka said the shaking of the palm leaves signifies how  fickle or unreliable people are since it emanated from the way how Jews  gave a hero’s welcome to Jesus as he entered Jerusalem from Mt. Olive but later the same people turned against him hence his suffering and crucifixion.
” we learn three things from the commemoration of palm Sunday, first, how people are fickle and untrustworthy hence we should put our trust in only God who never disappoints.
Secondly, to desist from all kinds of praises since the people who shower you with them aim at fulfilling their selfish interest and lastly to always be courageous and stand still not matter the kind of storm we go through.” said Bishop Kibuuka 
The charismatic Bishop also released the holy week programe from Wednesday when they shall sanctify the virgin olive oil for all the sacraments, Thursday will be for washing of feet for both male and female and having the last dinner, Good Friday is for the way of the cross and breaking of all kinds of bondage, Saturday baptism of mature people at 7 pm, Easter Sunday they shall hold two divine liturgy in the morning  and on Easter Monday they will baptize the children.

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