By Kabuye Ronald

Judiciary responds to parliament with praises despite yesterday’ events in the parliament presided over by RT. Hon. Speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga in which she referred to the interim Injunction issued by the deputy chief justice Steven Kavuma as a single judge stopping any person, parliament or authority from probing or questioning the six billion oil bonanza as “stupid”.

In the judiciary press release issued today and signed by the chief registrar Paul Wolimbwa , it listed the events that warranted the injunction as requested by the electoral commission lawyer Eric Sabiiti an application that was heard inter party in presence of the attorney general lawyer.

“The judiciary has noted that parliament is aggrieved by the decision of the constitutional court and has in that respect directed the attorney general to take immediate steps to have the order set aside by the constitutional court.

This action taken by parliament is commendable and in accordance with the rule of law because the law allows any aggrieved party to appeal or challenge the decision of a court” read the release in parts.

“In this case, the attorney general is at liberty to appeal against the decision by a way of reference to a panel of three justices of the constitutional court and if still dissatisfied, can appeal to the Supreme Court” added the release.

The judiciary further assured the public that the dispute will be handled in accordance with the constitution and Uganda laws.

Yesterday speaker Kadaga she wouldn’t accept a situation where a court dictates how parliamentarians speak in the house and arrange the order paper before vowing that Parliament would not debate the national budget, and government will not secure money from the consolidated fund without discussing oil bonus thus instructing the deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana to challenge the order and have it vacated 


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