July 11, 2020
July 11, 2020




By Kabuye Ronald
Uganda’s parliament has been described as a trading centre by the former Kagoma county legislator in the seventh  parliament that scrapped off the Presidential, he also happened to be the secretary for peace  talk for national Resistance Army NRA in Nairobi Kenya from 1982 to 86 Dr.  Frank Nabwiso.
Dr.  Nabwiso says that the current  parliament of over 447 Members is irrelevant since most of them are sponsored by president Museveni to make unnecessary noise.
He is also dismayed about the country’s lack of nationalists adding that even the youths who are the future and engines of the country are also misguided.
“the Mps we have are traders and Museveni turned parliament into a trading centre, nationalists have gone and unfortunately the youth are misguided, that’s how Museveni is governing Ugandans because he gets noise makers” said Nabwiso
Nabwiso also asserts that without any doubt the current parliament is going to over throw the constitution just like the former leaders since president museveni is desperate to amend article 102,2 b of the constitution that regards the age limit, considering that the president sees Uganda as is his property and some of his family members want to take over from him.
“Museveni is desperate  because he believes Uganda is his property and even in his family some people want to take over from him and I know he uses parliament to make irrelevant noiseand that’s how governs us.
We must have some sense of moral obligation and defend the constitution since these people want to rule is for 50 Years” said Nabwiso

Nabwiso also justified the defiance campaign saying that it is accepted by the Bible, Constitution and Jesus Christ.
He gave four more reasons why Ugandan should defy the ruling government and these included dividing the nation into two of the haves who are the rulers of which are foreigners and have not who are the citizen that don’t have a stake in their own country,  rampant poverty and starvation in the country,  unplanned growing population, rampant corruption ” corruption has eaten up Ugandan up to the bones, marrows and in private parts, so you should desist it “and parliament of traders that sees Ugandans spend on them 11 billion shillings per month and 678 billion for five years on remunerations yet it does nothing on improving people’s welfare.
Dr.  Nabwiso thus appealed to the youth to desist from being corrupted, change their attitude since M7 is not scared of gun men but rather brain people and to have faith in God.
Nabwiso made remarks while giving a key note address at the launch of time up at 75 years bye bye Museveni at FDC headquarters where youths from various parties will traverse the entire country to rally the public to desist the amendment of article 102 of the constitution.
Meanwhile FDC deputy secretary general Harold Kaija says that they ready for the task ahead though it’s a tough one adding that they will use all the available channels of communication and engage all the member of parliament and security operative on the same matter

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