Parliamentary coffin activists remanded to Luzira prison



By Mukose Arnold Anthony
Buganda road court grade one magistrate Robert Mukanza has remanded to Luzira the two alternative activists members who were arrested and  charged with inciting violence when they stormed parliament with a coffin in protest over the rampant women, children kidnaps and murders in Monday.

Mr.  Lutta Ferdinand and Ms. Achom Beckie Adile have been sent to Luzira prison until 20th June, 2018 when the magistrate will give his ruling on the bail applications filed through their lawyers Webare Alaali and Ssekalema Kasim.

Accused one (Lutta) presented three sureties whereas some presnted by accused two (Achom) presented were challenged by the state prosecution on grounds that the defense has failed to convince them about the national IDs details not matching with the residential identification and Lutta not being a resident of Kampala which could make the sureties’ responsibilities who reside in Kampala to remind him about court sessions.

However all the above was quashed by defense lawyers saying not all people with national IDs reside in places of details on their ID hence that not being a strong ground to deny their clients bail.

Defense lawyers have expressed dismay over how the magistrate has adjourned the matter for 2 weeks in a case they regarded as simple bailable matter.

“As advocates, we respect the court decision but dissatisfied by how he has adjourned and procrastinated a simple matter for two weeks” Counsel Ssekalema Kasim noted.

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