Pastor Bugingo refers to ethics MInister father Lukodo as a disgrace


By Ronald Kabuye
House of prayer ministries and also proprietor of Salt media pastor Aloysius Bugingo has lashed at the ethics and integrity minister Reverend Father Simon Lukodo for suggesting that all pentacoastal pastors should acquire a degree in theology.
Pastor Bugingo who was preaching during the lunch hour service at his church in makerere Kikoni referred to Father Lukodo as a disgrace since all he has done in the ethics ministry is to tell lies to the public.
It’s on the above note he urged president Museveni to fire Lukodo as a minister since he has only done harm to the ministry and government.
Bugingo said it’s only pentacoastal churches that have public judgement, were people can openly complain of fake pastors which is not the case with other religions were homosexuality is practiced in the full watch of religious leaders and defended by the same leaders.
He asserts that what had made people get fed up of pentacoastal churches is the theft by some elements but not education credentials.
He also said its not education or degrees in theology that perform miracles but God’s calling, mighty and anointing before asserting that those with religious prayers are the customers to demonic shrines and criminality.
He also prayed to God to take away the bad leaders in the country and make them perish.
He further cited out acts 4:13 as evidence that accusations of them being uneducated are not new adding that pentacoastal leaders are educated only that what they studied is not what they do.


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