October 29, 2020
October 29, 2020

Pastors Demonstrate Against The On Going Church Closure, Launch i Can’t Breathe Prayer And Lamentation Campaign To Pressurize Gov’t


Summary: Due to the recent  out break of Coronavirus pandemic across the entire world and later in  Uganda early this year around March, President Museveni with the guidance of ministry of health and other experts suspended mass gathering to limit the spread of Covid-19 to mount Uganda.
President Museveni told the nation that once they deal with education sector the next concentration to deal with is to reopen Churches ‘Religious gathering’. “In the interest of our health those should be suspended for one month with immediate effect. He added, how would God us, how could we forgive our selves, our healthy, then it’s better to be side of caution” Said president Museveni while address his first nation telegraph about Covid-19.
Today in the joint pastors press briefing addressed by Bishop Dr. David Kiganda the president of the national pastor’s platform of Uganda and senior pastor of Christianity focus centre Mengo Kisenyi said that they have decided to launch a campaign called “I can’t breathe when God’s house is still closed basing on  the book of Esther 4:1” by wearing sackcloth as the only way to Pressurized the Government of Uganda to reopen the places of worship.
Dr. Kiganda explained that it’s now four months down the road since God’s house closed and depending on the current situation in the country, show no sign of respecting MoH measures to the extent of out of Ten people moving in the city, Only one person wearing a facemask whiy gives our allot of questions without answer? The church has been in cover as directed by president Museveni but it’s time to come out since president Museveni leftus in the cover as he always say at times of bush war, Churches is the only person now in cover others are already set back on their normal routine.
“Keeping the worship places closed is the sign that the nation doesn’t put it’s trust to God and there’s little fear to God and yet there’s no critic that it has been God who does much work since you all a wear that Government has no Covid-19 medicine that healed all the patient that have already recovered up to date, definitely that has been God helped Ugandan’s because nothing that we have done to this pandemic other country doesn’t know? If all there’s nothing and no body can’t tell that saved Uganda to death compared to other countries we must agree that God is in the control unfy instead of coming out and worship him and praise him Gov’t decided to continue closed his House in the regard he has done” Said Dr. Kiganda.
He adds that Gov’t can’t ruled out this nation without church to set their behavior, for example the masaka boy who fired him self. Gov’t can rule and deployed guns and others church is in control.
“If Government has Covid-19 medicine let them export it to the entire world and get money to uplift our economy that is in sick bed and save millions and millions of people, it’s unfair for worship places to stay closes yet we have been working together with Government in different battle’s includes Ebora, Maralia, HIV and many others, government should rethink again on our stand and why are we left down and continue stay closed” Said Dr Kiganda
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