Persons with disabilities want their budget increased, laws concerning them amended


By Ronald Kabuye
Persons with disabilities under their umbrella body National Union of Disabled persons in Uganda (NUDIPU), have tasked government to increase their budget in financial year 2018/2019 in order to have welfare improved.

The call was sounded by the body’s national  coordinator  Lydia Kobusingye, who said that according to the budget process so far people with disabilities have almost not been catered for, given the fact that they are allocated less than 1% of the national cake as opposed to 10% which is stipulated in the law.
In the upcoming budget, persons with disabilities were allocated 700 millions out of the 29 billion budget which to them is unfair.
Nudipu also wants government to set up more rehabilitation centers for persons with disabilities since the available four are not enough which has hindered them from attaining suitable education, health services amongst others including getting wheel chairs.

Kobusingye Lydia, has also called on government and parliament to expedite the process of amending the Persons with Disability Act and passing the  Mental Health Billl 2014.

She also exhibited concern over government’s failure to compensate those who attain disabilities at work, revealing  that government’s debt stands at four billion since 2006.


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