October 22, 2020
October 22, 2020

Persons With Disabilities dismayed with Museveni’s refusal to appoint a minister in charge of their docket


“Uganda is a signatory to the SDGs framework and equally ratified the conversation on the rights of persons with Disabilities. Same Government made several commitments during the 2018 global disability summit to address stigma and discrimination associated with person’s with disabilities”
KAMPALA: “Disability is not Inability”. The  national union of disabled person of Uganda (NUDIPU) togather with organisations of persons of disabilities in Uganda, East Africa centre for disability law and policy (CDLP) in conjunction with Uganda media woman’s association (UMWA) raised a concern regarding the recent Ministerial appointments by president Yoweri K Museveni.
According to Mpindi Bumali, the chairperson NUDIPU said that while president Museveni exercise his powers in the article 99(1), 108(b), 113(2) and 114(1) of the 1995 Constitution, Museveni has again ignored appointment on the minister for disability and elderly which has been unoccupied for long and even no person with disability has been proposed for any appointment in other mainstream Ministerial positions.
“If Bunyoro afairs, Teso affairs, Karamoja affairs, Youth affairs and among others have ministers, why not a minister for persons with disabilities or any qualified appointment of persons with disabilities in other Ministerial positions since disabled people are over the country not in specific regions” Said Bumali
Speaking during a news conference at their offices in Kisaasi, Bumali expressed dismay over the president’s failure to again appoint persons with disabilities compared to the period of 1998-2006 of Hon. Nayiga Florence Sekabira as minister of state for elderly and disability affairs, since then, no other person with disability has ever been appointed as minister, permanent Secrety or ambassador.
“We have bee loyal to NRM regime with more than 2 million registered voters (disabled) but this glaring discrimination and failure to recognize person’s with disabilities in numerous positions stifles affirmative action” Bumali Said
He continues that over 64 students with disabilities join public universities every year and those who study on private sponsorship meaning there’s no excuse that person’s with disabilities are not qualified to fill the various positions in the Government.
“24% of 34.6 million Ugandan’s are persons with disabilities and 2017 survey report, disabilities contitutes 16.5% of the total population which is a big section of population that can’t be just ignored. However we call upon president Museveni to look into this matter because appointing minister for disability and elderly will go a long way to address the plight of persons with disabilities and implementing the constitutional mandate of affirmative action in favour of persons with disabilities while making appointments to leadership positions of Government” Bumali adde
The chief executive officer for the legal action for persons with disabilities Uganda, Laura Kanushu argued that with the improved literacy levels there’s no excuse that persons with  disabilities are not qualified to fill the various positions in the government.
“The appointment of the minister for the disability and elderly will go along way to address the plight of persons with disabilities in the country” Said Kanushu
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