October 25, 2020
October 25, 2020

Plastic Waste Is Not All About Kavera, Recycle For Cash And Protect Environment


Moses Ategeka, PRO Uganda plastics manufacturers and recycle association
By Andrew Visper realmusisilwanga@gmail.com
The public relations officer of Uganda plastics manufacturers and recycle association Moses Ategeka advised the Government togather with civil society organization to put fight against none plastic recycling in order to end plastic pollution and keep Uganda clean through recycling factories
While speaking to this website today Moses said that Uganda has no solution for plastic/Kavera problem and the only alternative to put on market is when you have a recycling plant that will bring you all these type wastes on table since we have construction sites and housing industries is growing and all needs it.
“Recycling wastes mitigate climate change and it’s a green job basket to unemployment. So people are just there talking without packaging their information well, the local people, Ugandan’s and East Africans both can benefits from what we are advocating since recycling is the way to go” Moses Narrates
However he asked, if we say now how much money has been used in this campaign walk /match for a week know as ‘Tugende we fight against plastic bags’ this money being used can buy proper five recycling machines for each and every district. “Uganda manufacturers alone so far into regions established recycling plants apart from the ones we have in Uganda.
“Recycling plants will be targeting the plastics which they are talking about, ending plastic pollution in this country because definitely our poor people down in community, unemployed people will targeted them, today we have more than 200,000 Ugandan’s involved in picking and selling these Plastic bags to different 60-70 factories around the country” Moses said
He adds that, when you kill such industry what’s your focus? Out packaging industry, storage plastics bags, let’s involved togather, let’s sell our selves with ideas and put our country to another level.
“This country has Science leaders who believe in Science and innovation and they have helped to bring it to a level it have been too bad, by the way technology and recycling plants are allowed in Ugandan laws, the 2019 law plastics are below 30 microns are rejected and be abolished on market. Meanwhile we are dealing with plastics that packed and recycling because even the research which bring on mouth are not well packaged, it has gaps because they don’t know which plastics are dangerous to environment” Moses explain to this website
This website has learnt that, big supermarkets there are so many thousands of plastics that none recycling which needs much attention and champion to kill environment.
“As association we put self regulations out standing in East Africa of which Uganda stands out number one as plastic recycling. So how do you come and say we are killing environment with intention destroying technology of billions and billions of money instead of supporting them and just keep on saying ‘TUBIJEWO’ where do you want to take them? How possible that you can stope all the plastics in this world” Said and asked Moses
He gives example of chain as they put effort to collect all plastics and bring back to recycling. So when we start saying we are fighting technology, I failed to understand who study science and who don’t.
This website has learnt that, Uganda among East Africa ranked number one with best plastics law since they prohibit ‘kavera’ bellow 30 microns pollution and none recycling plastics, law talks on 30 microns and above because it’s easy to pick and back to recycling.
The law talks to every plastic industry to have a plastic recycling plant. Two I one, production and recycling, meaning produce your products take it out, bring back for recycling.
Uganda is at better position in managing plastics better than other countries in the region with the recycling system, 2019 plastic law comes in, Uganda Government through it’s authority agencies advise the Investor’s to start recycling if they are to stay in business. This site has learnt that after all out of 70 factories 30 industries work with recycling perfectly meaning it’s Government responsibility to enforce the other factory to comply with the law since it’s implemented.
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