By Mukose Arnold Anthony
Police officers from Katwe police station have this morning arrested and detained a renown activist Habib Buwembo’ family members who attempted to stage a peacefull procession in demand for the release of Buwembo who has spent a week and 2 days in police custody without trial.

The arrested include 5 children and 2 women who commenced a peaceful procession from Nateete heading to katwe police station where the husband is being detained but only to be arrested after a half  kilometer in the journey.

The two women assert that their husband Buwembo is the sole bread winner of the family thus his continued  detation leaves them starving yet the reason for his arrest was uncalled for since he was demonstrating for the right cause for the people and families of nalukolongo who lost and continue to loose their lives in Nalukolongo channel.

Buwembo’ arrest was as result of demonstrating with a coffin he purportedly was taking to kampala affairs minister Betty Olive Namisango Kamya Turyomye that he bought for the family of the deceased kid who lost her life in Nalukolongo channel.

The arrested wants Buwembo released since police has failed to produce him in courts law beyond the stipulated 48 hours in the law yet his family is denied access to him.


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