police contradicts self on blood donation campaign as FDC rallies its supporters to attend



By Mukose Arnold Anthony

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has mobilized her supporters and members to turn up in huge numbers and storm Kampala city square on 2nd March this Friday in a blood donation campaign organized by Uganda police.

The arrangements have been  revealed by the party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat in an interview with our reporter were he said that he will be setting off from Jinja road in a procession with a group of supporters in their party colors for easy identification.

Amuriat cautioned police not to disrupt the exercise as it was the case with the same fdc campaign they blocked.

“We are encouraging our members to turn up in large numbers and in fact am going to proceed from Jinja road with a number of Ugandans especially the FDC members to city square in hundreds. For the purposes of easy identification, will also be putting on our FDC T-shirts proceeding to city square to donate blood we hope police will refrain from disrupting us” Amuriat emphasized.

Amuriat said that the city square was their initial venue before being rejected by the authorities and later Uganda blood transfusion services agreeing to use the party headquarters which promise was never respected and to date they are still waiting for an apology from the blood bank.

It should be recalled that on 14th Feb, FDC had agreed with the Uganda blood transfusion services to hold a donation campaign at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi only to be let down by the blood bank by failing to turn up under unclear circumstances.

However Amuriat’s proposal by some party members and supporters specifically from the pressure groups have been received by mixed feelings from the jobless brotherhood and the alternative.

Mayanja Robert the national coordinator jobless brotherhoods said that it’s uncalled for, “for the FDC to join NRM organs who blocked our exercise in addition to selling  to the neighboring countries makes it unnecessary to donate free blood yet even Ugandans are buying it in hospitals. We also know that   most youths are jobless and sleep on empty stomachs if not chapats and beans so since UBTS rejected FDC blood no need to be part of the police campaign.”

Atuhaire Nicholas Western coordinator of the alternative however supported the proposal adding that they will turn up in huge numbers putting on red and blue chanting victory songs like Toka kwabalabala, mwoto gunawaka among others and hence calling upon all people to be part of this exercise.

Despite the social media being awash with the same police blood donating campaign, authorities have distanced themselves from the claimed exercise saying that they have not been notified about the said campaign.

Speaking to the police mouth Emilian Kayima on clarity over FDC’s move of procession on phone, He said that he wasn’t aware and briefed about the said campaign.

“I don’t know anything about the campaign and even those organizing haven’t briefed me and we haven’t discussed much so I cant talk much now may be later” Afande Kayima said.

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