By Kabuye Ronald

Uganda police force has defended the stick wielding men who stopped the Kampala lord mayor Erias Lukwago and Kampala Capital City Authority KCCA councilors from accessing the demolishing at park yard market yesterday in full view of police.

According to the police publicist Andrew Felix Kaweesi the goons who were holding sticks who also happened to assault several journalists were part of the park yard traders and they were only protecting their merchandises from looters.

“They knew when they remove their merchandise from the market; criminals would come and pick them while waiting to be allocated stalls, so they opted to get sticks to guard their property “said Kaweesi  

 Kaweesi added that stopping the lord mayor from accessing the demolition was done in the spirit of protecting him from getting lynched.

 Despite distancing police from the stick wielding men, kaweesi said that everybody is at liberate to hold a stick unless he uses it on somebody thus appealing to those with complaints to forward them to the relevant authorities.

 Meanwhile Kaweesi revealed that before the eviction, the inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura Convened a stakeholders meeting on Saturday where the market leadership told them that they were ready to relocate on Sunday and pave a way for demolition on Monday morning.

The meeting followed a court order attained by Ham which required an immediate eviction despite a standing 30 days ultimatum issued to vendors by Kampala minister Betty Olive namisango kamya. Kaweesi said before the eviction over 1000 vendors had attained stalls in Usafi Market while others were accommodated at Nakivubo in a building attached to Ham who happens to be the developer in this case.


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