By Ronald Kabuye
In abide to curb criminality amongst youth in the country, police and youth integrated development organisation YIDO choose to take crime prevention in schools which has seen over 42000 join the initiative.
Addressing a joint news conference the programme coordinator YIDO Ronald Ruyombya said that the whole idea of taking this programme dubbed schools against crime SAC is and was to ensure that youths attain and groomed  into responsible and accountable people which happens to be a major crisis in country.
In this, YIDO in conjunction with police have organised the School against crime SAC symposium which is expected to attract over 3000 students from east and central uganda this Saturday the 19th of August at Katante primary school In Kampala under the theme responsibility of stakeholders in the education sector in curbing the school violence.
meanwhile the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Emilian kayima is very optimistic that the programme which has been established in 300 schools will help them fight crime given the fact that 73% of prisoners are youths.
He says it takes those who understands the youths language to sharp and put sense in them since they perceive law enforcers, teachers and parents as their enemies who don’t understand them. You


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