Police recovers 36% of the stolen vehicles


By Johanna Mpindi
As many Ugandans continue to loose their vehicles to criminals that steal them,dismantle some into scraps, modify others through tampering with the number plates and sell them locally or drive and sell them beyond borders to DRC, South Sudan and Tanzania, the Ugandan police has  now recovered 36% of the stolen vehicles in the operations carried out to stamp out vehicle theft this out of the registered 136 cases of stolen vehicles in Kampala Metropolitan areas.

Addressing the media at Kampala Central Police Station, Police Spokes Person Emilian Kayima revealed that,  vehicles are stolen from parking lots,  homes, washing bays and possibly on roads

He has however appealed to the victims to immediately report to police  with verified documents including  Vehicle log books,identity cards because lack of these documents leads to delay for vehicles that can be driven across borders crossed and beyond borders.

In addition Police has also found out that, some criminals violently break into homes  and simply drive away these vehicles to unknown destinations while others pretend to want to hire the vehicles from owners under self drive scheme and later report theft of these vehicles and you may later fall bait due to their innocent looks yet they are the criminals playing the victim part.

He adds that in most cases they report after a period of one month or two months  they know it crossed borders either to Congo, Sudan or other neighbouring countries.

However, Some criminals involve in buying accident vehicles where they detain the number plates and when they steal this particular vehicle they tamper with the number plate and put on the wrong number plate as one cannot be able to identify his or her car.

He thus urged the public to observe critically and know there chase numbers and keep in touch and consistently work hand in hand with the criminal justice system with police so that they can successfully prosecute the criminals and stamp out these crimes.


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