Police rushes Nambooze to Kirundu hospital after worsening health condition in cells



By Ronald Kabuye
Police has on Saturday morning rushed Mukono municipality legislator Hon Betty Nambooze Bakireke to Kiruddu hospital in makidye division Kampala due to her horrible health condition in cells.
Nambooze’s health condition deteriorated further after spending¬† two nights in detention at Nagalama police station following the premature cancellations of her bond which she had secured on Wednesday.
The developments have been confirmed by her lawyer who also doubles as the kampala Lord mayor Erias Lukwago.
“our sister Nambooze has just been rushed to Kiruddu hospital in makidye Division by the police authorities as her health condition is deteriorating further” said Lukwago on his official facebook account.
Earlier in the morning the Forum for Democratic Change FDC president Eng. Patrick Amuriat Oboi and party mobilization secretary Ingrid Turinawe had paid a courtesy visit in the morning but they were shocked to be informed by the police authorities that she was not under their custody.
Nambooze was on Wednesday arrested from her home, shortly detained at Jinja road police before transferring her to Nagalama police station where she secured a bond in connection to Arua municipality legislator Ibrahim Abiriga murder.
On Thursday police summoned her to police CID headquarters in kibuli for interrogation but instead kept her waiting until evening when they transferred her to nagalama police and consequently cancelled her bond before introducing new charges of inciting violence in addition to  offensive communication.
On Friday the police CID spokesperson Vincent Ssekate had assured the public that police has well qualified doctors who can take care of Nambooze’s health problems while in their custody but from the look of things the situation has gone out of hand for them.

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