October 25, 2020
October 25, 2020

POLITICS: FDC Executives Cross To NRM


The Chairperson of National resistance movement Eastern region Capt Mike Mukulu while addressing the media at the NRM headquarters on the occasion of welcoming Members from different parts of the country and other parties who crossed to NRM said that you the great mind of this country if you seen light to develop the country. Mukula told the new members from FDC and other parties that from all over the country, on their own decided to join NRM.
He said on behalf of the chairman and president of the republic of uganda of the ruling party, this is only the beginning when you see a person like Hon Namagembe from Wakiso, I called her hon because she gana 148000 votes and in our names coming to join NRM, it’s a major statement, Dr. Egwo a reknown consultant, a man of ideals and very educated coming to join NRM, all the way from soloti, when you see my sister from Bunyolo kagadu who corrected 8700 votes coming on board, the entire executive of FDC Bundibujo traveling from the boader with their own funds coming to join NRM from the Chairman to bottom that’s a statement.
Meanwhile, the Galaxy of leader’s from Kalamojo of FDC traveling for almost two days to come to join NRM, leader’s from Butaleja coming on their own and others who have already joined the NRM, I want to say on behalf of NRM this not just a party of ideals, this is a party that transforming and revolutionaries the form governance. If you recall in 1996 at the stapes of parliament on 26th of January, when president Museveni took over the power, he said and made one firm statement. “This is not just a mare change of guns, this is a foundation of change” Said President Museveni. Where not just here for showcasing and 34 years down the road Uganda remain stable and that’s infrastructure number one which turns us into democracy.
He adds in a country seen as failed, Uganda is now exporting peace and stability in countries like Somalia, south sudan, central africa republic and now working for africa to have a frican solution to African challenges.
“This is the might NRM. Besides of our objective as the party/ ruling party one pan africanism, patriotism, social economic transformation and democracy. Under article 29 of the constitution, every citizen of Uganda has the right to belong and choose where he/she want to associate with and that’s you people doing today, you really persuade the ideal of our constitution” Said Mukula
“NRM is not just out competing with other political parties because it won but it’s deliver, the country still exercised the challenges like un employment, poverty and even Covid-19 coused a bigger much problem but as a party shall deal with it, challenges of corruption, that’s why we preparing to sign a social contract in the new frame work that is going to develop and that’s our manufasto to see that ideals of Ugandan’s must be achieved and am sure having coming from various Political parties, please bring the ideals together and build bone nation called Uganda” Said Mukula
However, those who are now in NRM when these people came to join you don’t btake them to be out side they are now part of NRM.
Emmanuel Dombo director information and publication NRM secretariete appealed to the new members that director mobilization Hon Kasamba, will be there and president at appropriate time will be meeting the new members and the public expect the shipping of entire readership of Karamoja, butebu, Bundibujo, Wakiso and etc NRM is in the driving sit then you came in and say you won elections and you only take 33 members in parliament and NRM has over 200 and something what are you talking about?
“I want to say all of you, you free to stand in any political office in NRM with the commitment to build this nation, the commitment to transform this nation, the commitment to make Uganda part of African block where you have seen in the past, we are going to ensure that EA first building block of the intergration of Africa block, Uganda is to form that league of nations of EA to bring the free movements of people, goods and services in order to ensure that business in Uganda moves free in the region and it’s the direction this country taking. We need big market’s and political recommended if you don’t have a tested leader. So Museveni is a tested leader” Said Dombo
Magret Namagembe on behalf of entire new member who joined the¬† NRM said that, it’s our time and no one inspired or bribed us but I can reffer to as a light platform, I personally I new to save my own country.
“After a certain conditions am no longer an FDC members, am now a new baby of NRM because I had objectives and reasons of why I supported FDC, and it’s right as give by the constitution and other fellow new members to choose any party of our choice, people don’t support you because of the party¬† but what’s you deliver matters allot. Am sure that all members who crossed the bridge of opposition to join NRM will definitely get a full platform with NRM and the ruling party” Said Namagembe
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