Poor grass-root structures costed us local leadership candidature-DP’s Mao


By mukose Arnold Anthony
The opposition Democratic Party president general Hon Norbert Mao has attributed the fewer candidates at different levels nationwide to poor grass root structures where some villages and zones are not represented hence failing them to fill up all the villages in the country.

While addressing the weekly press briefing on Tuesday morning, Mao said that the reason for not identifying fresh local council one, two and women candidates is because the party had already identified them before the first postponement “which the ruling NRM fear due to the constitutional amendment with fear of losing the election.”

Mao added that the poor grassroots haven’t only affected local councils but even new municipalities and districts but also braggart of some unopposed LC leaders. He said that those they haven’t filled in all position but have much anxiety of winning most villages.

“Poor structures have hindered us from filling up all elective positions though we are assured of winning all position where our candidates are standing” Mr. Mao said.

“We didn’t carry on with fresh candidate identification except where our candidates passed on because we already finished doing so before Mr. Museveni with his NRM government extended the exercise due to “Togyikwatako” campaign with fear of losing


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