Poor health leaves uganda with1.5million orphans- report


By Johanna Mpindi
The national census and household analytical report released today highlights that Uganda has 1.5 million orphans which worry stasticians on how this impacts on the country’s development and growth.

The report attributes the huge number of orphans to poor health services which have caused un necessary death to parents while giving birth among other health risks, accidents among other death leading factors. This now makes things hard for the orphans as they can not look after themselves in terms of education, health which further creates a poor and unproductive population to the country.

The executive director UBOS, Ben Paul Mungyereza says that investing more in education and health for the youth will directly transform them to better opportunities that will create changes in their lives thus eradicating poverty among the next generation of this country.

Further the report tasks govt to invest more in agriculture since the findings are stating that over 68% of the national household are in subsistence agriculture for a living but this has not benefited them hence staying in abject poverty.

However the UNFPA country representative,Alain Siberraler expresses worries for high inequalities in Uganda which he says has contributed to high poverty levels and fast growing population growth.

In the last 2014 population census, Uganda recorded 34.6M and with now stasticians anticipating that in 23 years from now it would have doubled to over 60 M which will make it difficult for the country to sustain as the big numbers will put pressure on the limited resources.


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