President M7 has no moral authority to speak against corruption- FDC


By Ronald Kabuye
Opposition Forum for Democratic Change party asserts that president Museveni has no moral authority to speak against corruption and can not offer solution to it since it has always happened in his full watch.
This comes at a time when president museveni is expected to address the gathering at kololo independence ground about the rampant corruption in the country especially in government agencies and offer a solution to it.
Addressing a news conference at the FDC headquarters, Harold Kaija the party’s deputy secretary general highlighted a number of corruption scandals including CHOGM, Temangalo asserting that some were cut in state house rooms.
He adds that president Museveni’s re appointment of people who were censored in the sixth parliament over corruption as ministers speaks volumes of his stand on corruption issues.
He also depended on president Museveni’s statement in which he admitted that he has not been holding accountable the corrupt officers because of fear to loose political Capital from the regionals they come from as a clear manifestation that the head of state can not fight the vice since he still needs the same political Capital.
On the same note, Kaija said through their leaders in parliament , they want government to explain whether Mulago National Referral Hospital was sold out given the heavy dues levied every now and again.
The concern as come as a result of Uganda Cancer Institute levying a fee of 300,000 shs to cancer patients in need of radiotherapy services which service as been fee of charge in the past.


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