president M7 to meet doctors over their intended sit down strike


By Ronald Kabuye
The state minister for health hon. Sarah Opendi says that president Museveni, government and the ministry are still engaging the doctors who unit under  Uganda Medical Association UMA to abandon their intended strike over poor pay.
The medical officers gave an ultimatum of up to 6th November to have their salary enhanced or else they lay down their tools.
They want nurses, mid wife to start getting 6 million from 350,000 shilling which they currently earn in addition to a two Cc vehicle and two bed roomed house, professors to start get 35 million in addition to four bed roomed house and a four Cc vehicle while the intern doctors to get 8 millions from 750,000 they currently earn.
Opendi said that they are aware that the pay doctors earn doesn’t equal their work load Which she attributed to lack of enough money compared to the number of  doctors in the country.
She said that they are working tooth and nail to have their issues resolved before it gets out of hand.
“Due to the little pay, we have lost experts to other countries, the president knows about it and soon he shall hold a meeting with doctors, ministry of health officials and ministry of finance to find an amicable solution to the issue at hand.
We appeal to doctors not lay down their tools since their work directly touches the people thus their absence at work will lead to death of our people” said Opendi.


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