President M7 reveals the four lows that will lead Uganda to middle income status



By Ronald Kabuye
Ugandan President Yoweri Kagutta Museveni has disclosed the four lows that he believes will lead the country into a middle income country.
Speaking at the 32.7 trillion shillings national budget reading, President Museveni said after achieving the surplus electricity which has low consumption rate, the struggle is to make the electricity cheap and affordable so that it attracts investors.
The other lows that the president talked about is low cost of transport which he said shall be solved by railway and water transport, Low cost of labour and low cost of money.
He added that more emphasis is going to be put on commercialization of agriculture especially by sensitising people to change their mind set of engaging in only substance farming.
Converting the youth without property and jobs but resourceful into productive youths by supporting them with group loans and by adding value on the various locally produced goods.
President Museveni further lashed at the daily Monitor which he labelled as “evil” since it published a story that portrayed the country as over burdened by debt to GDP ratio which to President Museveni is a lie since the debt is at 38% which is far from the danger position of 50% thus cautioning to take an appropriate action if it doesn’t desist from publishing such stories.
He neither spared red pepper publication which he described  as stupid.

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