October 20, 2020
October 20, 2020

“President Museveni Is From God To Uganda” Says Tanga


The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Electoral commission chairperson Dr. Tanga Oda said that president Museveni is the blessings to this country Uganda, Museveni may be aged but not old and he is still the front fighter for both Uganda and the party.
He adds that if you want to re-hear it, this country problem has not been the climate for all this time since 1962 Uganda has not been suffered because of running or because of forest has growing Uganda has suffered because of leadership that’s why all of you who are now thirty years old are enjoying peace because of good leadership .
“If the aged person is giving us good leadership then you all need to appreciate as Uganda, as a lucky person in East and central Africa. So he is aged stand against him for presidency you will see how he fire’s” Said Odoi while giving updates on the ongoing nominations
He continues that by the close of business yesterday, we had a total number of 351 aspirants picking forms expressing interest for the position of Lc5 and MPs on 23rd 433 express interest in the next day and the total numberly those who are expressed interest so far is 799.
However this show the popularity of the party in the country because now have confidence that we shall have top leader’s as well as district leader’s.
“I want still to emphasize that for presidency and those who had been asking me, presidential Fragger bearer is our only candidate the solo candidate, this question keeps coming he show interest and pick forms on 23th and by close of business what NRM has been saying is what has been confirmed trued. Is only His Excellency Y.K. Museveni who’s the solo presidential Fragger bearer we don’t have any other person that’s what the zonal conference said is the truth” Said Odoi
He explained that for you who are criticize let’s wait for the final elections where president Museveni will be defeated against other’s, let FDC bring there’s if they have because I think they don’t, let DP bring president general Moa, let people power wind bring there’s in that new alliance called National platform for unity (NUP) we shall swipe the and swipe them classic, the victory this time I am not a scientist I am simply analytical will be swiper for NRM and president Museveni than before because we are more organized than ever before
Note; The following district will not hold primaries since they had already went through the election process both woman member of parliament and Lc5 chairperson includes; Kassanda, kikuube, nabiratuku, kaperebyongo, Kwani, Bugweri.
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