President Museveni signs Age limit bill into law


President Yoweri Museveni signed the Constitutional amendment bill 2017 into law on the 27th, 7 days after it was passed by parliament.

Popularly known as the Age limit bill, the amendment extends the MPs term of office to 7 years, brings back term limits into the constitution, and allows individuals above the age of 75 to stand for president, removing an earlier restriction.

The Constitution Amendment Bill 2017 first passed into a second reading by 317 for and 97 votes against at the end of 2017.

In his new year message, President Museveni praised the 317 legislators who supported the amendments saying they played a great role when the country was at crossroads.

Museveni compared the 317 MPs to the role played by the 27 fighters who started the war that brought him to power 31 years ago. He also compared them to the 232 MPs of the 7th parliament who opened up the presidential term limits in September 2005.Now that he has signed into law, all that stands in the way of the Act’s implementation is the litany of court challenges it faces.


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