President wants hooded outfits banned, boda boda helmets marked with shining numbers.



By Ronald Kabuye
The president of Uganda his excellence Yoweri Kagutta Museveni has called for the ban of hooded outfits when riding since many assailants hide in them to assassinate people.
President also said that all riders should be provided with shinning numbers on their helmet back for easy visibility and identification even at night.
President Museveni also revealed that government will hunt for people using social media to send threatening messages and close down radio station that spread hate messages against the ruling NRM and government officials.
President Museveni who was speaking at the burrial of slain Arua municipality legislator hon Rtd Col.Ibrahim Abiriga in rhino camp Arua municipality described the current wave of insecurity as small which should not worry Ugandans since government is going to defeat the assailants who have opened up a war against his government.
” why do you kill an elected leader of the people of you uganda?  Many of you are sad and angry but me am both but confident we are going to defeat those coward pigs who have opened a war and killed our people, they are going to see what NRM means in war.
Why doesn’t the NRM kill MPs of the opposition, do you know who knows to fight than the other? ” President M7 questioned.
President Museveni pledged to take care of Abiriga’s wife and children.

President Museveni’s words followed by the numerous call by mostly the NRM legislators and officials for protection since they live in fear.
“Your excellence, these people are threatening us in fact some of them are in parliament.They said they will kill us, the recordings are everywhere our wives and our children and now they have started.Your excellence if we are not safe during our Government what will happen when you leave? Your excellence we know you are our father these people should be picked up to make statements even if they are Mps. Your excellence we are scared our wives and children are crying in fear everyday.please your excellence help us be a General again” Hon Peter Ogwang- Usuku County Mp-Commissioner of parliament.
“Your Excellence as commander in chief, people are worried everywhere, let me sound a warning to some of my opposition people, I saw them writing funny articles, Am not here to mention names, but death is death, it should treated like that and not an avenue for political capital” Odonga Otto
“Your excellence, there is a lot of hate speech especially against the NRM and its leaders including you. There is no hate speech against the opposition.the freedom is being abused. people on social media are just throwing around things including hate speech recordings. in other countries like China there is control but they are developing.even in Sudan you can not use Facebook unless your comments are censored. so we need to have control” Justine Kasule Lumumba-NRM Secretary General.
Abiriga and his brother who also doubled as his body guard were assassinated on Friday evening in Kawanda, Matugga wakiso district on the way back home.

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