By Kabuye Ronald

Ministry of education and sports has revealed that it has 20000 missing gaps for primary teacher’s national wide caused about by death, retirement and absconding from duties.

This has been revealed by the assist commissioner in charge of primary education Dr. Tony Mukasa Lusambu during the commemoration of the Global Action Week of Education GAWE organized by World Vision Uganda.

It’s on this note that the Dr. Mukasa appealed to the District service commissions to ensure that they fill the vacancies for the teachers who retired and died before the opening of the second term and meet the wage bill rather than repatriating the money back to the ministry of finance which in end makes it hard for the ministry of education officials to conceive the finance ministry officials to allow them recruit more teachers.

In fulfillment of the sustainable development goal number four by 2030 of having an inclusive, quality and equitable education for all at primary and secondary level, Mukasa said that a lot has been achieved including but not limited to 50:50 gender parity at primary level, pass level being at 61.6%, setting up at least one primary and secondary school at perish and sub county level, establishing  technical institutes at districts living only 25 with none, 3000 students being the direct beneficiaries of students loan scheme, 4000 being the directly sponsored students in public universities  and improving the literacy competency primary three pupils to 52% from 15%.

He also cited insufficient funding to the ministry and failure by stakeholders to meet their roles, misinterpretation of government policies, slow pace of government to take up early child development pre primary education in UPE schools as the major challenges to the ministry’ strategies.

Meanwhile the National director for World vision Uganda Mr. Gilbert Kamanga said that status of education in the country is wronging given fact that at least 10% of the children in the country attain pre-primary education commonly known as early child development while 3 out of 10 pupils in primary seven lack literacy competency for primary three, 3 out 4 pupils who enroll in primary never get to secondary schools.

It’s on this note that He appealed to all citizens to get involved in the betterment of the education system in the country and also government to increase funding the education ministry to enable the implementation of good policies in place.


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