Pro age limit removal booed during debate at Makerere university.


By Ronald Kabuye
Academia, students and various political analysts have booed Members of Parliament and other NRM cadres that are in support of lifting the presidential Age limit.

This happened during the age limit debate at Makerere University main Hall organized by Public Interest Lawyers Clinics (Pilac) under the theme “The proposed Amendment of Article 102(b): Implications on constitutionalism and the Rule of Law in Uganda”

The debate panel led by Prof John Jean Barya, Jackson Kafuzi, Sylvia Namubiru, Muwanga Kivumbi, Andrew Karamagi, and David Mafabi
Those boed included the Kyaka county legislator who also happens to be the seconder of the Magyezi bill that seeks to amend article 102b of the constitution the put the age of the presidency at 75 years and one of the presidential advisor David Mafabi.
In his submission Karamagi Andrew, a lawyer, political analyst, and Human Rights advocate said the legislators should  first amend Article 21 before  amendinv article 102b of constitution.

Sylvia Namubiru, a political academia and a lawyer in her submission cautioned members of Parliament and security agencies against violating the 3rd Article of the constitution that mandates Ugandans to oppose the amendment of the constitution they deem not fit.

Prof John Jean Barya challenged NRM pro lifting of the age limit to admit the fact they were bribed since it clear to every Ugandan, tell the exact amount of money they pocketed rather than refuting the allegations.

David Mafabi the political scientists who is in support of the age limit amendment, cited the many countries without age limit article whic he said have progressed and now far better than Uganda.


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