June 4, 2020
June 4, 2020

Prophet Kakande introduces “holy rice” worth Shs. 50K a kilo


ccording to the pastor, believers must sprinkle some of the rice to theirs then cook in order to receive miracles.

“Prophet Kakande introduces Holy Rice at his church in Mulago. A kilo goes for 50,000/=. In his words, “Believers should sprinkle some of the holy rice in their normal rice to release blessings,” a believer posted on Facebook.

Yes, all you have to do to get that dream car, visa, job , woman, twins, house or promotion is to cook rice. Rice is a cereal that cooks for approximately ten minutes under high heat so basically,according to prophet Kakende, a believer would be ten minutes away from living that dream.

This is rather an unorthodox way of getting miracles! While some other person is cooking rice or pilau to impress bae you would be cooking your way to a Rolls Royce or Mercedez Benz just ten minutes away.

The retail price of rice is merely a kilo Shs. 3,600 which is about 14 times less expensive than the holy rice Prophet Kakende is offering. The difference is that the rice does not only bring satisfaction but one can sleep soundly and wake up in a new Bugatti.

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