Prosecutors strike affects Over 29,000 p’ple on remand


By Jumah Kakomo
Over 2,9000 detainees are currently  affected by the public prosecutors sit down strike which started on Tuesday in protest of lower payments.
This has been revealed by Frank Baine, the Uganda prisons spokesperson.
Baine revealed that over 28,000 detainees are on remand and their cases have not been heard due to the ongoing prosecutors sit down strike.
He says the situation results into poor medication, congestion, shortage of clothes, and food among others.
He adds that criminal cases can not  be heard in court  since it requires prosecutors unlike civil cases.
He further added that on the daily basis they arraign to court over 15,000 detainees and release about 500 which grossly costs them.
Now Baine has appealed to government to expeditiously intervene to calm down the situation by fulfilling their promises.
It should be noted that on July 17 while addressing the prosecutors extra ordinary general assembly, the minister for justice and constitutional affairs maj. Gen. Kahinda Otaffire confirmed to the prosecutors that cabinet resolved to give a tax waver on their salaries, start giving them allowances and to enhance their salaries in a space of 90 days in addition to the tabling of amendments in the act the governs the dpp’work.
Otaffire said in these 90 days which have elapsed now he will work tooth and nail to see that a supplementary budget is tabled before parliament for approval since the DPP has a wage bill of 10 billion and this was meant to be multiplied by five times once the supplementary budget is approved.
In the new salary structures the lowest prosecutor was promised to earn 3.5 million, senior state attorney 4.2, principal state attorney 6.2 while the director of public prosecution will earn 26.5 million shillings


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