By Ronald Kabuye
Prosecutors under their umbrella body Uganda Association of Prosecutors UAP have  suspend their  sit down strike they went on since Wednesday last week  to allow the executive fulfill its commitment of enhancing their salaries and giving them tax waver in the space of 90 days which commenced on the 12th of this month.
The decision was informed after 171 members voted in favour of suspending the strike for the 90 days, only 12 were in support of continueing with it, four abstained from the process while non voted in favor of calling it off.
Addressing the press shortly after the decision, the president of UAP David Baxter Bakinga said that the prosecutors who operate with in kampala are to resume with their work immediately while those who operate from upcountry they will resume with their tomorrow Tuesday.
Addressing the prosecutors extra ordinary general assembly, the minister for justice and constitutional affairs maj. Gen. Kahinda Otaffire confirmed to the prosecutors that cabinet resolved to give a tax waver on their salaries, start giving them allowances and to enhance their salaries in a space of 90 days in addition to the tabling of amendments in the act the governs the dpp’work.
Otaffire says in these 90 days he will work tooth and nail to see that a supplementary budget is tabled before parliament for approval.
It should be noted that the DPP has a wage bill of 10 billion and this will be multiplied by five times once the supplementary budget is approved.
In the new salary structures the lowest prosecutor will earn 3.5 million, senior state attorney 4.2, principal state attorney 6.2 while the director of public prosecution will earn 26.5 million shillings
Meanwhile the Director of public prosecution justice Mike Chibita has revealed that starting tomorrow Tuesday they will be holding interviews for the promotion of the prosecutors for those who submitted the prerequisites to the Public service ministry which has also been one of the demands.
He applauded the members for giving a benefit of the doubt to government before promising to bring their president to kampala in the next reshuffle to enable him closely monitor their issues.
It’s important to note since Wednesday last week business came to a stand still after the prosecutors went on a sit down strike across the country.


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