Prostate cancer claims 60% of the patients, Prime Minister calls for early checkups



By Ronald Kabuye

The prime minister of Uganda Rt. Hon. Dr. Livingstone Ruhakana Rugunda has urged men especially those aged above 40 years to check for prostate cancer since early detection enables doctors to treat and heal it yet the opposite leads to death.

According to the Uganda Cancer Institute UCI 60% of prostate cancer patients succumb to death which is attributed to the late detection. This means that 1200 out of the 2,500 men who suffer from prostate cancer die annually.

The prime minister conveyed his message through the minister of Health Dr Jane Ruth Aceng while officially launching the Prostate Gland Initiative (PGI), an organization aiming at rallying men to go for early checks and sensitizing them and general public about this cancer.

Dr. Dr Gerald Mutungi, the head of Non Communicable Diseases NCD in the ministry of health emphasized the benefits of going for early detection.

He also urged men to do physical exercise, avoid all forms of tobacco and harmful alcohol use and encouraging them to  feed on health natural food with less salts and sugars.

Meanwhile the executive director of the PGI, Ezekeri Luggya Lwasi Bapere, revealed that they will do everything possible to go close to the men educating and sensitizing them about the prostate cancers especially through media air waves, newspapers, religious places, Health Camps, conducting operational research and counselling and psychosocial support.

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