October 24, 2020
October 24, 2020

Psalm releases sick new video ‘Pathos



American artist psalm​ unveils his latest single “​Pathos​”, an experimental and delicate slice of avant-pop.

Transcending genre boundaries and infusing influences from R&B and Electronica, psalm brings his latest musical vision to life through the atmospheric soundscape of “​Pathos​”. Lacing lines of contemplative lyrical imagery through a vast plain of ambient percussion, the track instills a flowing energy that is equal parts calming and deeply emotive.

“The piece reflects sentiments of post-amorous dread after an extensive and virulently forming relationship – you start questioning its significance and purpose, and you might

encounter some struggles with newfound promiscuity​​catalyzed by said relationship,” psalm explains.

The record is released alongside a dynamic and nostalgic visualizer, where​ psalm gradually dies as he laments over a lost love in augmented reality, and is killed in Metal Gear Solid fashion upon the appearance of his newest self to allude the deliverance of his artistic reanimation.​“​Pathos​” displays psalm defining his position not only as a music artist, but as a creative entity to be watched.

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