October 28, 2020
October 28, 2020

Race Card Campaign Tool Taken up by Dusman Okee against Former Rally Driver Dipu Ruparelia


FMU Chief Dusman Okee
By Our Reporters
Embracing a Race, Racism and Racial Playing the race card is an idiomatic phrase that refers to the exploitation of either racist or anti-racist attitudes in the audience.
For the good of Motorsport, I had agreed with a few stakeholders to restrain from outlines that would put the sport to disrepute!
However, with the race card campaign tool that been taken up by the incumbent Dusman Okee against former rally driver Dipu Ruparelia, as a patriotic Ugandan have been forced to reignite my write-up series in a bid to make a few factual outlines.
To start with, as campaigns for FMU presidency seat began, had thought the race card talk was gimmick for a few insensitive voters THAT would not take center focus as candidates canvass for votes.
The shocker came in on Tuesday this week, as the incumbent in his bid to tighten up his electorate, made call to one of the club presidents seeking for his vote using a race card tool, saying OMUZANNYO MUSAZEEWO OGUWA ABAYINDI’!
To dissect it from this very point, HOW could Okee a qualified social worker, qualified communicator and an NRM patriotic, ‘who’ are taught patriotism right from the word go, DO such a thing!
Motorsport has always been bigger that anyone, I gets worrying if selfish individuals portray it as a do or die when it comes to seeking for seats to serve the sport as ‘Volunteers’.
Bwana President, it’s a barbaric act of you and as a senior citizen of this country using a race card for such a minor office, EVEN if it was for presidency of WHOLE country.
Ok, going by your tune MR RDC in consideration of your worry of handing over the sport to Asians, what are your over scores for the sport against your predecessors Who were ‘Musayi mutabike’ the likes of Late Jimmy Dean and Paddy Blick!
Logically, I personally don’t see you worry come to pass by JUST even tallying the number of entries in a rally event, how many Asian cars against typical Ugandans as you prefer to put it??
In my next serie, am actually going to outline your shortcomings as a seating president. JOIN me in reading my next serie!
The author is an observer of Motorsport in Uganda.
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