October 25, 2020
October 25, 2020

Ragga Dee has also come to battle Jose Chamelone for Kampala city Lord Mayorship.



Veteran musician cum politician Kazibwe Daniel, known by stage name Ragga Dee, has announced that he is set to run for the Kampala City Mayorship seat come 2021 general elections.

The “Nkoye Obupangisa” singer made the official announcement in an interview on Dembe FM’s ‘Talk N Talk’ show as he openly revealed how he is set for the race for the second time.

He stated that he is very prepared to take on Jose Chameleone and the current Lord mayor Erias Lukwago for the seat saying he got whatever is required for him to unseat Lukwago.

When asked why he decided to compete with Chameleone instead of backing him up, he replied that Chameleone has to do that for him stating that his intelligence quotient is higher than that of the Leone Island boss.

There is what we call IQ that is intelligence quotient and what you can do plus what you have done count a lot and on that basis, we both differ.

Our behaviors and technical know-how and know who is different. In fact, when it comes to politics or elections it’s not a competition but it is a mission. What are you going to offer or what can you offer is the question and it is not about music.

We should separate politics from music. Politics is the intellectual part of assisting a nation. Let’s put populism aside. Politics means the growth of a country and elections mean the angle of stability.

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