Refugee agencies call for more funding to Uganda.



By Mukose Arnold Anthony Maleeto.
The United Nations High Commission  for Refugees  (UNHCR)  through its country  representative Boutroue Joel has called upon all international  development patterns responsible  for ensuring the safety and well being of refugees to increase on the funding which apparently is becoming a big challenge to their targets.

While delivering  his remarks at the international refugee day at Nakivale settlement in Isingiro district , Boutroue said that these people need utilities both for daily basis and infrastructure like schools and hospitals which are part of their life like any other human being.

Boutroue has committed  continueous support  for all refugees thus appealing to all communities to resolve all Conflicts that could lead to asylum  seeking.

He further expresses gratitude over Ugandan government commitment in fighting against Misappropriating of refugee funds adding that UN at Geneva headquarters are still investigating all fraudulent allegations against Uganda,  but it’s upon political players  to fight against the vise.

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