Tablique leaders at Nakasero and William street mosque have threaten to stop giving guidance to their followers but rather let them execute whatever comes in their minds if government continues arresting their leaders without prior investigation and doesn’t release those arrested in connection with the killing of Sheik Major Muhammad Kiggundu at Masanaffu a Kampala suburb by assailants who among the arrested include their acting leader Amir Umah sheik Yahaya Ramathan Mwanje.

Addressing a news conference at Nakasero mosque, the deputy publicist of Jamuiyyat Da’awa Assalafiya JDS Siraje Kifamba Nsambu warned against holding them accountable if their followers act in an indecent manner due to much anger since government has committed to do away with their leaders arguing that it is proved by their rampant arrest in a dehumanizing, disrespectful and intimidating way.

They also expressed their dissatisfaction about government’ acts towards the dehumanizing manner of arrest without prior investigation and selective application of justice.

“Sheik yahaya mwanje has been in police torture cells in nalufenya for almost a month without being produced to courts of law, yet the mumbeere who was arrested later has been in court 3 times. This is because the former is a Muslim which proves that being a Muslim in Uganda is a crime” said Kifampa

“We have utilized all available avenues to see that our people are produced in courts of law including engaging the Uganda human rights commission, civil societies and the judiciary but all in vain” he added

They also asserted that security agencies are deliberately targeting their mosques including William and Nakasero mosques and Muslim projects like Ummah house.

“The continued targeting of these mosques will tempt us to think it’s a plot to take over them, which we shall never accept. Again the targeting of Ummah House project and accusing people of collecting funds towards it is being anti developmental in Islam  and keeping Muslims backward since we have been discriminated against employment in civil service and sector” Kifampa asserted

Meanwhile Kifampa condemned the killings of Muslims and arresting their leaders since Islam is committed to promoting peace and called for calm among Muslim community and obedience to the leadership in these trying moments.

However they demanded government that extra judicial killing and unconstitutional arrests should to stop and all Muslim in torture chambers be produced in courts of law if indeed there isn’t conspiracy to weed out Islam in Uganda.

Among those in police custody in connection with Sheik Kiggundu’ murder include the acting Amiir Ummah Shk. Yahaya Ramathan Mwanje, their secretary general Ayub Nyende, Muhammad Buyondo, Abdul-Wahab, Abdul-Mu’min Sa’d, Umar Ausi Kamoga (Bus car), Ismail Kasibante (Kigere).  


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