RKYAMBURA GORGE: Activists Oppose Proposed Dan On River Kyambura


RKYAMBURA GORGE: Activists Oppose Proposed Dan On River Kyambura

KAMPALA-UGANDA|PRESSUG PUBLICATIONS|The conservationists are demanding for the reversal of proceedings intended to effect a license to conduct feasibility studies on River Kyambura in Rubirizi for a possible hydro-power dam project. 

The move follows a notice from Rubirizi Energy EP Uganda limited to the Electricity Regulatory Authority seeking objections to the project by directly affected parties and authorities. However the matter is shaping into a contest between an industrial developmental project and environmental protection.

On September 15th this year an alarming notification was published in a local newspaper, whereby the Electricity Regulatory Authority notified the public that they have received a “Notice of Intended Application for a License from Rubirizi Energy EP (U) Limited for the Generation and sale of electricity ... on River Kyambura”. Boniface Byamukama told the media

"Step up immediately to stop any illegal business in kyambura gorge which is a protected area. Meanwhile uganda wildlife authority should take over the management of Bugoma forest and announce it a protected area under the Uganda wildlife authority" Said Boniface. 

He explained that chimpanzees are 98 percent human beings meaning ate very closed to human beings.

However,  Boniface raised this concern  as the matter for youth since are the biggest percent in the country. 

"The fact that endangered species live in kyambura gorge is international importance, the only activities that allowed includes,  biodiversity conservation,  recreation, scenic viewing,  scientific and research. Any other acts/compatible, economic activity subjected to this act and after an environment impact assessment study has been conducted". Boniface adds.


Dr. Joshua Rukundo, the executive  director chimpanzee trust said, apart from being  protected area, Kyambura gorge is an important asset for the tourism sector.  Apart from the natural beauty and rich biodiversity,  tourists have the chance to track habituated chimpanzees which is a unique activity and giving Uganda an advantage compared to  the main competitive destinations. 

"Government should help the sector to grow by investing in natural assets,  developing  a hydropower plant within the proposed area does not go in line with this advise" Said Dr. Joshua 

He noted that, Kyambura is situated on north-eastern side of QENP, roughly 30 km from QENP Headquarters. Kyambura Gorge traverses a separation of 11 km and connections to the Kazinga Channel, which frames the northern limit of the hold. Town and villages are situated in the south.


The canyon is named after the Kyambura River which moves through this thick “underground forest”, 100 meters underneath the Kichwamba escarpment. The crevasse is best known for its occupant chimpanzees – some of which are habituated and can be followed through the timberland with prepared Uganda wildlife Authority (UWA) guides.


It is home to several wildlife, incorporating the main primates in the Queen Elizabeth National Park. The region is a vital water hotspot for some creatures and is encompassed by savanna, however is for the most part noted for its high convergence of primate life situated in the crevasse. Other remarkable primates one can likewise see in Kyambura Gorge are the red-tailed monkey, high contrast Colobus, vervet monkeys and baboons.

Benedict Ntale,  from the association of conservation of Bugoma forest said, National Forestry Authority  has no capacity  to keep/protect Kyambura gorge and look after National park because  every thing happened their is act to affect animal's.

"My appeal to government,  if truly care about the beauty,  the climate  change,  the tourism sector with all intention to collect tax (dollars) from the tourists coming to visit Uganda, Kyambura should be now officially named a national park because of its kindly and the unique of animal's that are residing" Said Ntale.

Turyakira John Robert, the deputy  executive director the environment  shield said, according to Uganda wildlife act , uganda wildlife authority has to pay 20 percent of the revenue collection through park entrance fees.

"The funds are then used to fund projects and uplift the livelihood of the local communities. As we speak more than 600 million shillings have been collected through this channel by the QEPA. The impact on the local communities and even the countries economically is raising every year." Said Robert.

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