By Kabuye Ronald

Democratic Party DP vice president Buganda Region and also Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakileke together with other Buganda region leaders have rolled out a six point program that is aimed at causing positive changes within the party but also vie for the country’s leadership come 2021.

Unveiling the pillars to the media that she wants to be subject for discussion Nambooze who describes herself as a bad DP, a faction that is anti Norbert Mao rule appealed to all Ugandans to join her in the struggle to revamp DP.

She says a program for rallies and campaigns across the country will be rolled out under the theme; making DP greater again with necessary reforms but this will be after the official launch on 31st this month at nsambya Sharing hall.

Among the six pillar that she unveiled include amending the party constitution which she says is short of various vital issues since it was drafted in 1954, restoring truth and justice internally, reconstruction of party structures, setting up a truth and reconciliation committee, rebranding the party in terms of slogans, colors and symbols and how best to work towards gaining public trust that the party used to enjoy in the 60s and 80s.

She also alluded to the fact that the party in its state now cannot take up top leadership in the country.

In the same way Ronald mayinja appealed to the public especially the youth to join the cause.

He said when people overstay in power they get drunk in leadership and keep doing mistake hence a need for sober people to prevail over the situation.

“Some of our leaders have overstayed in bar hence a need for the youthful ones to prevail over them” said Mayinja

“Am joining this campaign because I see the country and the DP that my father used to support which I also support going to dogs” he added

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