RPC Bakaleke has been dragged to court over extortion, illegal arrest, corruption



By mukose Arnold Anthony
As the former Buyende DPC Mohammed Kirumira battles with torture, unlawful arrests, corruption, bribery, excessive use of authorities charges in police court which he allegedly committed while still the OC Nansana and Old Kampala DPC in 2013 and 2014 respectively, RPC Kampala Metropolitan South Hajji Sirajje Bakaleke has been dragged to court over the extortion, corruption and excessive use of powers at high court land division Twed towers in Kampala

In a miscellaneous cause 119 of 2018, where Namutebi Safina dragged a one Moses Kagga Bbira, Sirajje Bakaleke is accused of conniving with the applicant (Namutebi) to order the arrest, detention and baselessly tramped up criminal trespass charges.

Through his lawyers of Nalukoola, Kakeeto advocates and solicitors, Kagga filed an affidavit in reply by the defendant, it is said that Namutebi sold a suit Kibanja to Hajji Lubega Jamir who also later sold the same property to Sserunjoji Faizal whom Kagga Bbira bought the disputed land from.

In the same affidavit,   Kagga accuses Sirajje Bakaleke for declaring that the property belongs to Namutebi and that while being given a police bond at Katwe police station, this police officer ordered Kagga to vacate the premises and Namutebi to take over which Kagga challenges claiming that Bakaleke had no powers of giving out his property and wonders how Namutebi came to drag him in courts of law.

“while in occupation and possession of the suit property, the applicant in connivance with one Hajji Bakaleke Sirajje regional police commander  KMP caused my arrest and detention at Katwe police station and baselessly tramped up charges against me” one of the affidavit in reply paragraph of Mr. Kagga read.
“The said Hajji Bakaleke Sirajje while ordering for my release on bond at Katwe police station, declared that my property belonged to the applicant and ordered that she takes the same which I refused totally because Bakaleke has no powers to give away the property which I purchased from my hard earned money” Kagga replies in an affidavit.

Kagga Bbira adds that after declining to adhere to Bakaleke’s orders, Namutebi through her lawyers Shwekyera , Kalera, Muhame advocates demanded to take over the said property.

As that is not enough, Bakaleke has also been charged as the 2nd defendant on miscellaneous cause 68 of 2018 Kagga Bbira dragged Namutebi Safina, Bakaleke Sirajje and the attorney general.

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