October 25, 2020
October 25, 2020

Rwandan detainees in Uganda to sue government in regional courts over human rights violation


Mr. Eron Kiiza and Mr. Odur Anthony lawyers for the Rwandan detainees

By Mukose Arnold Anthony

Over 100 Rwandan detainees have vowed to sue the Kampala government over alleged torture, incommunicado detention and contempt of court rulings.

Addressing the media on Wednesday morning in Kampala, through their lawyers Mr. Eron Kiiza and Mr. Odur Anthony of Kiiza and Mugisha advocates, the suspects say, that they have been detained beyond the constitutional mandated time of 48hours.

They further add that despite some court ruling which granted some liberties, none of them has ever been left to enjoy their fundamental freedoms.

They say that, despite the continued bi-lateral diplomatic talks between Rwanda and Uganda, there hasn’t been any tangible results in relation to human rights of Rwandans in Uganda.

Eron Kiiza told journalists that, the most tortured suspects according to information they have, include Rene Rutagungire, Irakaremye Claude, Rwamucyo Emmanuel and Rutayisire Augustine.



The detainees have tasked the government of Uganda through her agencies to unconditionally release all Rwandan nationals in alleged illegal detention facility.

They also demanded that the ongoing military trials of the said Rwandans civilians should be stopped with immediate effect, in addition to urging CMI to desist from torturing detainees.

Another demand, is for CMI to let police perform its mandated duties and hand over all the 100 Rwandan detainees to police with gusseted detention centers and legally empowered to investigate crimes and that failure to do so, they have nothing to do but to run to regional courts to seek justice.

“Different court orders have been ignored, we can’t access our clients, some civilians who have been tried, are being tried in court martial, but also some are said to be under torture by CMI according to close relatives of some of them” Counsel Eron Kiiza told journalists.

“If such continue and our requested are not heard, we are going to regional courts because we think, this could be beyond national courts given the fact that some orders granting them liberty have been ignored” Counsel Odur Anthony added.

“We have obtained court orders for their releases and some were deported while others were charged before military court martial” “This came in context of growing mistrust and tension between the governments of Uganda and Rwanda” Reads part of the statement.

It should be recalled that, around 2017 during Kale Kaihura’s regime hundreds of Rwandan origin were arrested, detained, some deported on alleged unclear charges and the said arrests were around Kampala, Wakiso, Isingiro and Mbarara.

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