By Mukose Arnold Anthony

For over 70 years, Uganda has humanitarianly welcomed and facilitated refugees from different circles of the world which gives a front list number of countries with a huge number of refugees.

State minister for disaster preparedness Hon Musa Echeru has revealed that there is ongoing debate between the government and the Rwandese refugees who exiled in Uganda in 1950s.

Addressing the media on Friday morning at media center says that some are now grandchildren of the then refugees who are claiming to be Ugandans now are demanding to be granted the neutral citizenship status.

“They are Rwandese who came here in 1950s. now are actually grandchildren of those who ran to Uganda have been appealing to us to consider them as Ugandans, that debate is going on and we’re looking at all provisions of the law to see if they can actually bbe given that opportunity as the citizens so that consideration is being done in a systematic in a legal process” Hon Echeru informs the media.

Political instabilities, insecurity, social, race and religious conflicts are the major causes for the increasing refugee influx in the world which is hitting most countries and Uganda is currently hosting over 1.5M refugees and over  61% are children under 18 years of age and 82% are women and children and the total of over  1.1M from South Sudan.


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