Save Nambooze crusaders’ case flops following magistrate’s involvement in an accident


from right yasin, kabotongo and Buwembo in the dock at buganda road magistrate court. Photo by Mukose Arnold Anthony

By Mukose Arnold Anthony
Three youths activists who were arrested on 25th June along parliamentary avenue and later aligned before Buganda road court magistrate Robert Mukanzi over the Mukono municipality legislator Betty Nambooze’s life have been left stranded at court on Tuesday morning after the alleged trial magistrate being involved in an accident in Ggoma in Mukono district.
Mr. Yasin Ggaliwango, Kabowa 1 parish councilor Mr. Juma Lubega Kabotongo and FDC’s secretary of labour and pension Mr. Habib Buwembo today with their counsel Mr. Luyimbazi have been informed by the court clerk that His worship Robert Mukanzi was involved in an accident.

“Were are sorry that the magistrate has been involved in an accident though not a fatal one, but he won’t be here in time may be in the afternoon” Clerk informed.

The state prosecutor Cingtho Patricia later informed counsel Nalukoola that she was going to ask for an adjournment to August 1st for hearing since they were in final stage of investigations.

“I had come to ask for an adjournment to next month and my convenient date is August 1st so you can go as your clients remain behind for their bail extension”  prosecutor Cingtho informed Nalukoola.

This state of emergency never moved the accused who said are willing and ready to proceed.

“Accident can happen to anyone anytime and anywhere so we stand with the magistrate untill the date we have been informed” Mr. Ggaliwango noted.

“For we are ready because we committed no crime, our only crime was to fight for a life, sorry for an accident though we have been told its not a major one but we are ready to be here any day, any time” Mr. Buwembo said.
“Even if they tell us to stay here until 6, we are ready” Councilor Lubega noted.

The trio is charged of common nuisance when they allegedly tried to storm parliament with a petition to the speaker Rebecca Kadaga over the India bedridden Mukono municipality legislator Betty Nambooze Bakireke, the matter has been adjourned to August 1st.


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