Sex scandal rocks Vodafone Uganda


All is not well at Vodafone Uganda. The telecom company with British ownership started operations in Uganda last year with a vision of dethroning their biggest competition- data market leaders Africell, and eating into the voice segment currently dominated by MTN and Airtel. However, this vision might remain a piped dream if the behavior of some of their top executives at the Kololo Hill based telecom is to go by.

Carpet interview “expat”

News reaching TrumpetNews gossip desk is that the CFO Ross Masterman is doing more horizontal activity with one of his subordinates than actual work of getting the telecom flying. Masterman who formerly worked for Airtel in DRC is accused of having an illicit affair with Eleanor Nansubuga who he elevated to her present PA job from the front desk, so they could have more time and “intimacy” together, and kissing has become norm in their office.

Take your tiny Vitz

The unconfirmed rumor about the affair has been doing the rounds on social media. Ritah Love Kaggwa who is famous for hounding scandalous celebrities on her facebook page broke the story on her status today. Eleanor who is accused of sleeping with her boss reportedly dumped her rugby player boyfriend Andrew Barasa for her boss. Andrew who was a regular at Kyadondo Rugby club where he partied with Eleanor is distressed. Worse still, Eleanor dropped the “Unclassy and tiny” Toyota Vitz that Andrew had bought for her for a more “respectful” 4×4 ride which Masterman has since “rewarded” her with.

“Andrew is devastated. He no longer hangs at Kyadondo after training and his fitness has dipped. He looks sullen and friends are worried about him. Sadly, he had given his heart to that nasty woman (Eleanor). I feel sorry for the young man” said one of his team members.

Job security compromised

Insiders at Vodafone say they are now avoiding Eleanor for fear of losing their jobs since Masterman reportedly “makes life hard” for any male employee he considers competition to his new catch. “Man, that chic can cost one their job. The CFO wants no man near her. This affair is not good for us who were her friends” said one Vodafone staff.

Vodafone which has just about 100,000 subscribers has been struggling since their launch in the country and recently downsized laying off a sizeable number of staff to cut down on operational costs.


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