Sex workers demand for a law legalizing their operational across the country.


By Jumah Kakomo…

Sex workers demand for government to enact and implement a fully independent law legalizing their operational to ensure their safety and freedom across the country.

Hajarah Batte Ssanyu, executive director lady Mermaid’s bureau, during a meeting spearheaded by organization for gender empowerment and rights advocacy (OGERA) held at grand global hotel Kampala, said sex workers face many various challenges which include among others sexually harassed, beaten and tortured by security officers especially police thus putting their lives at stake despite they are illegally operated, “we  know very well that we operate illegally but we sometimes sexually harassed , beaten and tortured by police officers especially when they come to arrest us, but we are human beings like others who also need freedom and human rights, Hajarah said”.

She however highlighted that, if sex workers are commercialized through a fully independent law, they will ensure economic development of the country thorough paying taxes, instead being harassed and tortured.

Juliet Katongole, executive director crested crane righter, called upon implementation partners to involve them into decision making, surveys, research among others as far as sex workers is concerned to get and come up with applicable, reliable information and long sustainable solutions, “implementation partners always release reports, research about sex workers which are not applicable, and I wonder why they leave us behind when they carry out such baseless reports and research, “Juliet added”.

Sex workers are known as the most rampant vector of HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases globally, because they take sex as a commercial and professional job, but various governments have been denouncing sex workers due to cultural and religious beliefs.

Shamillah Batte, executive director (OGERA) wants government to also consider sex workers as a group of people who also entitled to acquire freedom and human rights like any other categories instead provoking them while at work.


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